How I Work


My first contact with clients is invariably by phone or by email, either direct from the potential client or from the individual referring them to me.

During this initial contact I can quickly establish  the nature of the help required and whether I am the right person to provide that help.

I will often then have a follow up phone call with the client during which they can explain to me the background of their situation and identify what they are seeking to achieve. 

We will discuss options and agree how best to take things forward: if we are right to work together, what I need to do and what they may be able to achieve for themselves.

We will usually then simply start at the begining and invite co-operation and discussion with the other party.  Only very occasionally would court proceedings be the first call: predominantly in cases where jurisdcition may be an issue (because one or both parties live abroad) or in circumstances where pre-emptive steps are necessary (thankfully these are rare).   

Most of my cases settle out of court and of those that don't, most cases involve court procedings because my client is already involved in them or the other party has started them.  

Very occasionally court is the only way to cause a recalcitrant or unreasonable party to co-operate: I do however believe that almost everyone should be given the chance to co-operate and act reasonably before proceedings are commenced, not least because litigation is time consuming and expensive and unfortunately unpredictable in outcome.  Litigation is also very unlikely to preserve or improve relations between parties, however carefully it is handled.  We do need to be sure that litigation is the best option before commencing proceedings.  I do not believe that litigation should be regarded as the standard approach in family matters.

Throughout the time that I work with an individual my lines of communication are always open and I endeavour to be available to my clients when they need me (even if it means there may be hoofbeats or dogs barking in the background of a call):  I dislike delay and lack of communication and strive to provide to my clients the level of service that I enjoy receiving from others.

We work as a team with a common goal in mind: setting the family up for the future. 





Direct Access
You will always have direct access to me if I am available. I will keep you informed of progress in the most efficient way possible and always explain if I won't be available for any reason.  

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